So, you know my name by now because you are on my website but for formalities it's Marla Duncan. My life started one July morning, the 19th to be exact, a long time ago. I have 3 brothers, two dogs, a son and sorry, no sisters. Although my Mom and Pop wanted a beauty queen I was a hardcore Tomboy. 

I grew up all over Northern California (Pop was in the Air Force) riding horses, skateboards and mountain bikes. When I graduated High School (which was in Oregon, lived there for a few years as well) I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, a fashion designer, writer, interior decorator, anthropologist, psychologist, nutritionist! Sooooooo, I skipped college and went to work, at least doing that I didn't have to make up my mind. 

Having been bitten by the weightlifting bug in High School I continued with it along with my equestrian endeavors and training right into beauty pageants, bikini contests, calendar girl pageants and eventually fitness and bodybuilding competitions. 

After one year of competing in fitness shows I found my face and body plastered all over the world in print, making appearances and well, the rest is history. Now I continue to model, I have my own personal training studio and I write for many publications as well. I really do feel like Cinderella!
Fitness Model Coaching

I will produce for you tailored training programs particularly for your body and your needs.

Former Ms. Fitness USA

1990 Ms. Fitness USA. December 15, 1990 Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada

Spokesperson of the Fitness World

I assist individuals all around the world improve their health, body and mind.